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>> today she said i am a black woman. as she came offstage i said, you know you just called yourself a black woman? >> i think i just identified as black. >> and it was almost like a weight off her shoulders and a huge smile. she said, i did, she hugged me and shook me a little bit it was pretty cool. >> it wasn't life altering, like i am from now on black. it helped open my mind up a lot, and i don't think it will completely, like, change everything. but it's a milestone for me. >> after poetry workshop she makes a mad dash to choir performance. she is a soprano, a featured soloist. she sees herself as ambitious, talented.
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will there ever be a time when the world sees her only as that? >> so you connect the dots with the freckles i lack, subject the possibility of an accent. >> calculate the sum of my eyes, lips, nose and tongue. >> and add up every curl on this nappy, nappy head and what do you get? ambiguous. >> i apologize my race is invisible to your eyes -- >> the last time i checked it's none of your damn business. >> do me a favor and stop ass e assumi assuming. >> i'm more than my race. >> i'm more than my color. >> next time you're tempted to ask, don't. >> or at least have the curtsy to not stare at me like a beast and ask what are you? >> that was perfect.
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>> tonight, his final interview. tonight, mayor ed koch. >> i gave people back their morrall. . >> in his own words, a true american original. plus, i'll preview the big game, the big hits. rachel nichols and pat o'brien cover it all. also, this just in. jennifer lawrence. >> wait, she's approaching at high speed. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> i'm sorry. >> thank goodness. this is breaking news. >> hi. >> after thursday's electrifying sbroon entrance, the two-time oscar nominee brings back david orussell. >> i've been incredibly blessed. >> and she reveal what is she really thinks about me. >> i had to tell him i was going to be here tonight. i was like i'm going to be on piers morgan with you and his reply was we're going to be so cool. '. >> this is "piers morgan tonight."
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good evening, we pay tribute to ed koch. he was colorful, controversial, honest. after leaving office he never slowed down and always spoke his mind. i sat down with him for three weeks ago for what turned out to be his last television interview. we covered a lot of ground including the new biography about him entitled account koch." this is a tribute to his extraordinary life and legacy. it's an honor to have you here tonight, mr. mayor. how are you? >> i'm in good shape. >> new york is a fascinating story, i think. when i first came here in the mid 70s, it was pretty rough. i felt walking around as a young 13, 14-year-old walking around central park. >> reasonable to feel that way. >> there's been an extraordinary transformation, starting with you. when you look at what's happened
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to this city, and you made a documentary, that's a key part of that, how do you feel about your legacy? >> i will tell you, frankly .i believe that i created the foundation. i gave people back their morale. cy built 250,000 housing units and affordable rentals. and a whole host of other things. it it created the climate for what ultimately others after me, david dinkins and rudy giuliani and the new mayor, mike bloomberg, particularly him, have done. we are once again the international capital of the world. i honestly truly believe that. >> when you look at what's happening in the gun tonight in america, clearly new york made a clear stand about guns. and it's pretty successful. new york is becoming a pretty
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city, in comparison to cities like chicago? what's your view on the debate? >> i believe the constitutional amendment to really address the issue. when we're doing like we are doing it a little bit at a time and the united states supreme court has a tendency to strike down what we do, washington, d.c. banned guns in the united states supreme court said you can't do it. the only true way to do it is a constitutional amendment. but until that happens, it's difficult. you want to do what you can. and what's currently on the table is semiautomatic guns to ban them. as everybody says you don't shoot a deer with a semiautomatic. >> the gun rights people say you can't do this. i'm entitled to have a semiautomatic firearm. >> no, we don't think so. the court will have to ultimately decide that, but nunl
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of the cases have said you're entitled to a semiautomatic. under his theory, they're entitled to a cannon. >> yep. does it depress you that even following a massacre that we saw at sandy hook school, there's still so many americans who want no change at all on guns? >> well, they're not evil people. some are, but most of them are not. and they've now been inculcated with the idea that if you have any reduction of any right at all, it's slippery slope. they're wrong. but i can understand that they've been brainwashed by their leadership who, in my judgment, are evil. and -- >> the nra you're talking about? >> i'm talking about the nra. >> why are politicians so cowered by the nra? >> because they marshall money for the opponents.
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and they have been successful in defeating candidates. >> when you look at america in totality with the huge financial crisis that obviously enveloped the country. and the other issues that had to deal with. where does the country need to get to right now? >> i believe we're not doing enough to deal with the national debt. they're talking about raising $4 trillion and cutting the expense budget, $3 in rev neuro. i believe that if people stand up, and lots of people want to stand up. i'm only sorry that mayor bloomberg didn't run -- >> he's one of the most impressive people in american politics. i wouldn't say wasted, because he's doing a fabulous job as
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mayor of new york. he has personal financial cloud and has independence of mind and the courage, i think, to really make a difference. hen you don't see many bloombergs in washington right now. >> you're right. they're all cowards. mayor bloomberg made it on its own. this is not inherited wealth. and i believe that the areas of his interest, gun control, and obesity and other things that nature helped the public has done an enormously fine job. he's brought new york city to the point now, under me, because when i came in, we were at the point of bankruptcy. i'm not speaking for my predecessors and those who killed the city, inclauding the uni unions. but the high murders was 2,500 a
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year. now it's about 400. when you saw the atoimt of chuck hagel you were outspoken. >> fistly, i don't think he's anti-semitic. i have no basis for saying that. i do believe he's hostile to israel, but he has a right to his position. tom friedman, his first sponsor that i read in his column said he is not mainstream. this is tom friedman who is advocating hagel. then his opponents say he's not main treatment. why would you want a guy who's not mainstream in charge one of the biggest appointments, the defense department. if you don't believe in sanctions and you don't believe in war, what do you think we
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should do as it relates to stopping iran from getting the nuclear bomb? he believes that there should be much greater light distance, separation between israel and the united states. so as to make the arab countries more friendly to us. they want to kill us. they want to kill christians and jews and they say they're going to convert either voluntarily or by force. and that's been their history. so why would we want to jettison, which is really the way i feel he's acting, the only democratic state in the area that we can rely on, israel, in exchange for having the sheiks and the kings and the presidents in egypt and lebanon and syria and iraq toasting with orange
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juice hagel's appointment. >> in terms of the israel/palestine situation, do you think any kind of lasting peace settlement in that region can be achieved? >> yes, but not in your lifetime, not in mine. i'll tell you why. >> you don't think so? really? isn't that very dispirited? >> you want me to tell you the truth, not just stroke you? >> no. >> there are two people who are quite important in the arab areas of palestine. one is the leader of gaza, who said we will destroy israel. we will never sit down. tel aviv belongs to us. jerusalem, in their charter, they say every jew who came to the mandated palestine after 1817 must be expelled. how can you do business with him?
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you can't. he wants to kill you. then you have abu abbas who is the nominal leader, i call him, of the palestinian authority, who hasn't wanted to sit down with the israelis, say let's sit down at any table, no conditions. let's not leave the room until we have peace. he's afraid if he entered into a peace treaty with israel, that his own people would execute him. they don't want a peace. what they want is a single state where the jews will be submerged and the arabs will impose sharia or whatever else their islamic religion requires. >> but when you look at the obvious oppression of nearly 2 million palestinians on the gaza strip in particular, it's a terribly depressing -- >> sure. >> helpless situation. >> and they could change it. they could change it. >> can only they change it or do the israelis have to also give a little bit? >> of course.
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>> everything about compromise? >> of course the israelis have to give, and they will. and omar, who was the prime minister, said he was within a hair's breath of dealing with abu abbas, but it's the fear that the palestinian leadership has that if they enter into a treaty with israel, they will be murdered. >> when you see the political rhetoric being deployed not just there but in washington in particular, it's so vicious now. >> it is. >> you went through a bit of this yourself, very personal in nature. >> yeah. >> when you see it now, is it as bad as it has ever been, do you think? >> worse. i enjoyed my stay in congress. most people today do not.
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too many people who have been elected really don't understand the nature of government. government is compromise. >> doing a deal. >> doing a deal. >> always in the back of their minds the national interests, not their own personal interests. >> correct. >> your speculation about who may be the nest president because president obama is in his last four years now. hillary clinton? could we be facing our first female president? >> i'm for hillary. i think she is beloved as a figure today. and i believe that if she runs, and i think that she will, she will be our president. and i'll be delighted. >> you get two for the price of one, don't you? you get bill back in the white house. >> and you get me as an advancement. >> people talk about the second amendment, the first amendment, the one that was a terrible mistake was the 22nd amendment. >> two terms.
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>> yes, absolutely. bill clinton would still be president, wouldn't he? >> i'm for term limits, but i'm for three terms. >> right, who would be the next mayor of new york? >> i am for christine quinn, but it's a wide open race. >> pretty tough act to follow, isn't he, michael bloomberg? >> very tough. >> more of the last interview with ed koch coming up, including what he said about the gravestone he had already erected years ago. made for peo. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that?
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. i knew that the city was in dire peril when i ran. i also knew that of all those who were running or thinking of running, i knew more than they did. >> how am i doing?
6:19 pm
>> not too well. >> the documentary is a fascinating film in many ways. what i loved most of all is you have already done your own grave. >> yes, i have. >> you made it, you have the tombstone, there it is. here lies ed koch. you're in a unique position of writing or verbally espousing your own obituary. what does it say? >> it's on a subway stop, too. >> what was the thinking behind that? >> it's the only operating cemetery in manhattan. i wanted to be buried in manhattan. and the trinity church has a nondenominational cemetery which is what this is. and it's the only functioning
6:20 pm
one. the one down at wall street, you have to be incinerated. i don't want to be incinerated. >> when you look at your own grave, it's something that very, very few people ever do. what do you think? >> i want to tell you, i'm secular, but i believe in god. i believe in the here after. i believe in reward and punishment, and i expect to be rewarded. god gave me a very good hand to play over my 88 years. i have no regrets. >> what has been your greatest achievement? >> being mayor of the city of new york. you know, here i am 22 years out of office. i walk down the street, people who were 8 years old when i was
6:21 pm
mayor know me. the mottos i had, how am i doing? everyone knows that, and i first uttered in 1969. new york, the people have given me so much. on my gravestone, i say i fiercely love the people of the city of new york. >> is that what it says? i thought it might say, how am i doing? not very well. what would be, when you're honest about everything, and your documentary is very honest, what has been your biggest failure? >> the biggest fault, if you will, is when we closed sydenham, a hospital run by black doctors, and every mayor going back to wagner said they were going to close it because it was terrible service and it cost more per patient than the best hospitals in new york, but you were risking your life going there. and so i said, i'll close it because that's what the experts told me to do. but what i didn't realize was the psychological pain and attachment that the black community had, understandably, because it was the first hospital that admitted black
6:22 pm
doctors when other hospitals would not. now, i didn't appreciate that. i wanted to do it on the merits. what is interesting is that under governor cuomo, they were going to close some state hospitals. steve berger was the chairman, and they asked me, had a question. i was in the audience, and i said, my question was, do you think i did the right thing in closing sydenham. of course, you did. i'm saying to myself, jerks, don't you ever learn. >> mr. mayor, it's a terrific documentary, lovely to see you. >> thank you so much. >> the late, great ed koch. what a life he led. as the "new york times" put it, he is survived by new york itself. [ female announcer ] born from the sweet monk fruit, something this delicious could only come from nature. new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. new nectresse. to the best vacation sp(all) the gulf! it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississippi outdoors. i vote for your florida beaches, dawn.
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this super bowl matchup has it all. the harbaughs, ray lewis, colin kaepernick, joe flacco, and the list goes on. >> the nfl commissioner on sunday's big game. more than 100 million viewers will watch the super bowl in new orleans with the ravens and 49ers, call it an east coast/west coast thing. rachel, make me excited about this. as a kind of rookie myself in the world of super bowls, why is this one going to be special, as the commissioner seems to suggest? >> this is a great super bowl.
6:27 pm
this is going to be a close one. there have been games in the past that have been blow-outs, they get boring. everyone is watching the third and fourth quarter just for the commercials. this is one we expect to come down to maybe the final two minutes. maybe a field goal. these are two teams that are well matched. if you look at the experts picking games, a lot of them are coming down on each side, there's not an overwhelming favorite, and there's an excitement. colin kaepernick is a new style of quarterback. a running quarterback, and he also throws. he's exciting, and on the other side, ray lewis, a veteran, one of the most visible players in the nfl retiring after this game and certainly would like to go out with a win. we'll see a lot on both sides, and of course, the brothers. >> what else should we be
6:28 pm
looking out for? what are the big issues surrounding the football that you think america will be talking about? >> roger goodell, you showed a little clip of him, and the biggest issue with him is player safety. even the president of the united states, barack obama, called out the commissioner and called out the nfl on the idea of player safety. barack obama said, if i had a son, i'm not sure i would let him play football. that caused a huge ripple effect now. of course, unless there's something mrs. obama is not telling us, this is really a moot point. he's not going to have a son, this is not going to be an issue. however, this is america's game. we do have two brothers here competing as head coaches in the super bowl because their father got them into this sport. now so many parents around the country are wondering, is it safe for my kid to play football? roger goodell today answered the president's words. while he welcomed the president's interest in this and while he wants to make the game safer, his own time playing as a youth is something he wouldn't give up and he brought up some of the things the nfl is trying to do to try to make the game safer, talking about bringing in independent neurologists who aren't associated with the team and they will tell players
6:29 pm
whether they think they should go back into the game. he also talked about the idea of increasing the fines and suspensions for the kinds of hits and acts on the field that are going to be causing some of those issues. i have to tell you, there is controversy out there. the players don't think the moves that goodell is making are really the right moves. there was a survey recently within their own players association that 9 out of 10 of the players in this league do not trust their own medical staff. that was very shaking to the nfl, and the idea that they basically think goodell and a lot of the nfl is taking this showy road to sort of show people, fend off the lawsuits they're facing from former players. hey, we're worried about this. hey, mr. president, it's okay, when in fact in training rooms and behind the scenes, they're not doing the kinds of things that would improve preventative care. there's a lot between the guys on the field and in the front
6:30 pm
offices, but it affects parents out there, for sure. >> of course it does. now, i have my fried chicken on order and my beer, my six-pack. what else do i need to really be an american watching the super bowl on sunday? >> the beer is very important. chips, pretzels, all that stuff. chip and dip. you have to decide, are you a guacamole person, a salsa person? what is going to be in the piers super bowl celebration here? >> guacamole reminds me of mushy peas, so maybe i'm a guacamole kind of guy. rachel, a pleasure, as always. good luck on sunday. i will be watching with a kind of mystified eye, but i will try to enjoy myself. >> let's bring in a guy now who has covered many super bowls over the years, pat o'brien, the host of fox sports primetime. how are you? >> i'm fine, piers, how are you? >> you're the perfect guy to ask. where does this rank in terms of excitement, intrigue, plotting? where do you put this one?
6:31 pm
>> well, the super bowl in america is -- should be a national holiday. by the way, piers, this is real football, not the kind you play in your country. >> well, the one where they all have to wear helmets and padding, right? >> i know. i did the first game at wimbley back in the day, and all of your citizens asked me, why do they have pads? why do they have helmets? no, but it's a huge day. you can't imagine one day in any country being like this where everything literally shuts down, and from the cities who get the super bowls, i was talking to mayor landrieu, he said maybe $350 million comes in. >> that's great for new orleans, isn't it? it must be buzzing at the moment. really good for them, for the economy there and putting it back firmly, squarely on the american map after some pretty tough times. >> yeah, i mean, this is a city
6:32 pm
that has had the super bowl ten times. they missed it the one year of katrina, but they have also had the first super bowl after 9/11. but you can still walk around and see some signs of katrina. but certainly, they're not done here yet. >> the big story really is these two brothers, the harbaugh brothers, who are going to go at it. at the moment, they're pretending to be best buddies, but i've got two brothers, and when push came to shove, if we were up against each other in a super bowl or sporting contest of this magnitude, we would want to rip each other's throats out. what is really going on between these two? >> i think you're exactly right. i have a little brother. he does -- he's afraid of me. and jim harbaugh is afraid of john. america is afraid of jim. but the chances of two brothers coaching in this fantastic football game, the chances are almost like if you and i ended up coaching in this game. the idea of having two brothers from a football family go all this time and suddenly here they are across from each other at the super bowl.
6:33 pm
it's crazy. >> which of the two teams do you really fancy to win this one? i know in the end it's a bit of a lottery, the super bowl, but where are you seeing this one go? >> i used to like the 49ers a lot until i got here. now i see the ravens as a sort of team of destiny. everything has gone right for them. and all these things kind of go in place, ray lewis' last year, and they're in my hotel, by the way. but they have been hidden away. if you're a 49ers fan, by the way, the big story is kaepernick, the quarterback who came out of nowhere. his tenth start in the nfl is a super bowl, who is going to be the next big star. i think i kind of lean toward the ravens. >> in terms of the nature of nfl at the moment, i suppose one of the biggest issues is the concussion issue, the impact issue. what is your view on that? and do you think people are overreacting or is it really time that the sport got to grips
6:34 pm
with this and did something about it? >> yeah, good question. the president, of course, brought it up this week by saying, you know, he would think twice to let his son play football. but it's a real issue, piers. it's a real issue. yesterday, warren moon came in and brought this new helmet that has all these things to prevent your brain from sloshing around. it's a violent sport. the thing about the players, they know what they signed up for. but year after year, i was telling my producer, we see more and more guys coming in to the radio area, around town, that are crippled. they can't walk. a lot of them can't think straightly, so it's a real issue. and now there's over 1,000 lawsuits to the nfl. but the bottom line is it's what they signed up for, so there you
6:35 pm
go. >> if you were running it, would you bring in new regulations to try to limit the impact? >> there's only so much you can do. they're protecting the quarterbacks. they have a zone now to hit somebody. without taking away completely the game, and the fans here are like your fans, like soccer fans or football fans in europe, they're really passionate about the way the game is played, and a big hit is as good in this country as a catch. but roger goodell, in the wake of what obama said, said we'll do everything we can, but it's still a game of violence. >> listen, i know what this game means to america. it's going to be a hell of a day on sunday. i'll be glued to it. i love the whole entertainment, i love the commercials. i love the football, i love the fact that it's such a huge part of american culture, and may the best team win. pat o'brien, have fun down there, and thanks for joining me. >> i'll see you soon. thank you. >> pat o'brien can be heard on his radio show, fox sports primetime featuring pat o'brien. next, jennifer lawrence's show-stopping appearance on my show. it's part two. >> tonight, we were just texting earlier. i was like, i had to tell him i was going to be here tonight. he said, what are you talking about? i said, i'm going to be on "piers morgan" with you.
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you are afraid to leave. you're a hypocrite, a
6:40 pm
conformist, a liar. i opened up to you, and you lied. you're an ass. get off me. you're harassing me. he's harassing me! >> jennifer lawrence in "silver linings playbook." here is jennifer herself as well as david o. russell. you left us with a cliffhanger. you were a little late. >> it wasn't my fault. >> i wasn't blaming you. but i very generously allowed you to stay on my set on the pretext we could run it tonight. >> and you get to say my side later. then we get the truth. >> okay, the cliffhanger we left the viewers was the brilliant recovery you made from your wardrobe malfunction at the globes where it appeared to me as a casual viewer that your entire dress was collapsing as you walked up to get this great award. tell me what you were thinking as it began to fall apart? >> i didn't feel anything, which is actually a lot worse because
6:41 pm
i had this like blank look on my face. >> what is this that is happening? >> is it actually ripping? >> no, it's a tiered dress, which i didn't understand. yeah, that's the design of the dress. i guess if you put it on somebody with the coordination of my level, that's what's going to happen. >> what i love is naomi watts and nicole kidman, sharing the horror, never mind anything else, of what could have been catastrophic, you just got on with it. >> just move on. your pants fall off, and you keep going. >> talking about moving on, let's move on to your career because to call it sizzling is to underestimate the impact you're having. the second oscar nomination for you. can you quite believe it? you're 22 years old, and this is exploding for you. >> i know, it's absolutely incredible. i mean, yeah. i've been incredibly blessed. >> when you were a little
6:42 pm
youngster, what was the dream for you? >> i had a million dreams. i was going to be a doctor. that was -- i'm sorry, i keep bumping david in the chair. i'm killing him. look at him. i'm going to keep doing it. >> i don't think he minds. >> he does. yeah, i was going to be a doctor, but basically, i was putting on shows. i would like put on an outfit and would knock on my door and i would be like, my name is judy and my car broke down. can i use your phone? i was always an actress. we just really didn't realize it until i became an actress and we were like, oh, that makes sense. >> tell me about your family. i don't know much about you. you suddenly arrive in this blaze of glory. tell me about your upbringing your family, and what they make of this? >> i grew up in louisville, kentucky. my whole family still lives in
6:43 pm
kentucky. when i wanted to do this when i was 14, they weren't going to let me do it, and my brothers called and said, you guys followed us through the world series, have been all over the country with us, and you would do this for us with sports, and this is her baseball diamond and you have to let her do it, so it was because of my brothers i got my chance. i was going to do it for the summer. >> how do they feel now? >> they're very relieved. they don't feel like i could have done anything else. relieved and proud. >> what does it take to be a great actress? that's the formula in your movie, a great performance by any yardstick. what does she have, jennifer, that takes it to that kind of level? >> um -- i think there's a soulfulness that's immediately there. you -- it's right there in her eyes and in her face, and in her -- the way she talks. i don't know how to express it except to point to her performance. she has a soulfulness that comes from her, and there's -- i don't want to embarrass her, we were concerned she was too young for the role. i said, she almost has a
6:44 pm
timeless quality to her, which i do feel. sometimes she feels like she's 18. sometimes she feels like she's 40. not only that, a realness. there's a lack of preciousness. there's not a frame around what she's doing. it's raw, and it's real. and it comes from part of her soul, and she just channels it right out there and she's not afraid to jump in and do it any number of different ways. and she has very good instincts. she'll tell you when she feels something is false and when she would like to find another way to do it. it's a great gift to a director to have an actor who has so much emotion readily available. it's authentic emotion. a it's from her. and it's a part of her, and i
6:45 pm
hope -- i just don't know, it's a blessing to have someone channel that. >> when he calls you and says, here is the deal. you're going to do love scenes with bradley cooper, and by the way, robert de niro is going to be here to give you acting tips. how many seconds did it take? >> about half a second. yeah, i always wanted to work with david. he's my favorite director and has been for years. >> and he's no shrinking violet. you have been very polite. but you have fallen out with people, feuded with people. you're known as being on the edge, and that gives you, i think, this brilliant edge as a director, but you know, you don't suffer fools. you're not a shrinking guy, are you? >> suffer fools? >> i can't, because david, we're the same person. if we just -- david has this amazing quality, like tonight, when we were just texting earlier where i was like, i had to tell him i was going to be here tonight. he was like, what are you talking about? i am going to be on piers morgan with you. and his reply was, ooh, we're
6:46 pm
going to be so cool. his thought process is almost like a child's where it's so pure and honest and he's a genius, and he has such a pure way of looking at the world, and he also is very visual, and his brilliance, and -- and he's the sweetest person i have ever met and the warmest person i have ever met. i never met somebody who doesn't deserve a reputation more than david. >> my god, this doesn't get any better? he's supposed to be a monster. >> let me put it this way. >> he's my little monster. >> let me put it this way. i would characterize some of the -- some of the unfortunate missteps of the first half of what i would call my career, i feel like i'm in the second, i had a wilderness period that separated the two. kind of "three kings" and then "huckabees" and then a six-year period where i didn't make films and i think i lost my way of it, and i think it humbled me and made me a better filmmaker, frankly, piers. i'm not glib about it, to be honest with you, and i don't -- you know, i want to have a warm set where everyone's in it together and happy. i never want to have any of
6:47 pm
that. and any of those things, i think, were just made me want to be more real on a set. so that's the truth. and it humbled me and made me make this movie and "the fighter." i see "the fighter" and this picture as companion volumes. it brought me closer to the characters i'm directing. they're struggling and want to be known and respected. i know what that feels like. and they want a third or fourth chance. i know what that feels like myself, and i appreciate it in a real way. that's the realness i want to put into these families and that jennifer brought to life. jennifer also is an extremely hard worker. and she loves it. so she works so hard. and is relentless. and willing to try any number of ways. and give you any number of choices. and about dancing, she was not a dancer. the woman was not a dancer.
6:48 pm
and she getting to know bradley cooper that way made them both more vulnerable and open emotionally because they were pressed together and dancing and neither one of them were professional dancers. they had a week of being thrown together that way. >> let's take a break. let's come back and talk about the oscars, about harvey weinstein, the rascal, as i believe he's known, and also, jennifer, your penchant for guys with a british accent. let's just leave it there. in . [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] sounds good. time can ofbe...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax.
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6:52 pm
anyone can lead you to glory, it will be harvey weinstein. he's known as the rascal. could you explain to me why harvey's a rascal? >> i don't know. it was either that or ninkampoop. he's been like a hollywood father to me. he's taken all of us under his wing. he has a way of making things happen. he also stands behind films,
6:53 pm
films that he believes in. >> he just has an absolute love and passion for movies in hollywood. >> he does. >> and he does it the old-fashioned way. he throws great parties, he celebrates, he wants to win oscars. there's no cynicism with harvey. he just wants to win things, have great actors. in terms of acting, who are your great inspirations? >> meryl streep, obviously, and gina roland is a huge inspiration to me. and charlize theron when i was younger -- i remember watching "monster" when i was -- >> i think charlize theron is very underrated. fascinating. >> she is fascinating. cate blanchette is amazing. >> of the men? >> of the men? >> can you get past bradley's
6:54 pm
good looks -- >> robert dinero obviously is the best. >> did he give you any tips? how does it work? >> not really. he gave me tips on trying to stand my ground more and try to -- know i want this. i kind of get a little bit too, oh, okay. i end up staying till the day's end. >> he's more like, you have to be ruthless? >> yeah. he gave me a good talk about that. nothing really with acting, though. it's mostly i've learned from example with him. he's very calm and nice, just gets it done. >> who do you think is pound for pound the best actor in the world right now? >> that's a horrible question to ask a director. that's like asking your favorite baby. i'll tell you who are fantastic actors. i loved everyone in the cast of "the fighter." both sexes, that's a big category.
6:55 pm
in the spirit of that, these characters in the film are my favorite kinds of people, like my son, because they are unfiltered and they cause everyone around them to be less filtered and to be more real. so they go to a dinner party and they're talking frankly about their lives and their medications and everybody at the party is uncomfortable. pretty soon everybody is opening up. his best friend opens up as a result of that. that's a very refreshing i think. i think that's something we share in common. >> i agree. >> i can't let this end without asking you both, this feeling i'm getting that you have a bit of a thing for the british accent. am i right? >> every girl loves a british accent. but london is my favorite city -- >> you've spent a lot of time there? >> yes, i have. >> do you eat fish and chips? >> i eat fish and chips. >> it's been a complete delight. thank you for staying. it was very gracious of you. best of luck at the oscars. >> thank you. >> i have a feeling you're in for a great night. it's an amazing movie. and it has such an important
6:56 pm
mission statement to it. mental health is one of the great issues in america right now. and i think this is something everyone should go and see. >> thank you, piers. we'll be right back. i'm serious, we compare our direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that.
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